Dods Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of St. John Vol. I

CONTENTS. PAGE Introductory Note ix CHAPTER I. The Incarnation 1 CHAPTER II. Reception Christ met with 19 CHAPTER III. The Baptist’s Testimony 33 CHAPTER IV. The First Disciples 53 CHAPTER V. The First Sign—The Marriage in Cana 67 CHAPTER VI. The Cleansing of the Temple 85 CHAPTER VII. Nicodemus 99 CHAPTER VIII.[vi] The Brazen Serpent … Read more

Gibson Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of Matthew

CONTENTS. CHAP.PAGE The Coming of the Christ1 Matt. I. His Reception13 Matt. II. His Herald24 Matt. III. 1-12. His Baptism31 Matt. III. 13-17. His Temptation39 Matt. IV. 1-11. Beginning of His Galilean Ministry48 Matt. IV. 12-25. The Gospel of the Kingdom57 (“Sermon on the Mount.”) Matt. V., VI., VII. The Nature and Constitution of the Kingdom58 In Itself (“The Beatitudes”)58 In Relation … Read more