Gordon Quiet Talks on John’s Gospel

Gordon Quiet Talks on John’s Gospel is another in his Quiet Talks series about explaining John’s Gospel and its presentation.

Everything depends on getting Jesus placed. That lies at the root of all—living, serving, preaching, teaching. John had Jesus placed. He had Him up in His own place. This settles everything else. Then one gets himself placed, too, up on a level where the air is clear and bracing, the sun warm, and the outlook both steadying and stimulating. Get the centre fixed and things quickly adjust themselves about it to your eyes.

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Gordon Quiet Talks on Following the Christ


These talks have been given, in substance, at various gatherings in Great Britain, Continental Europe, and parts of the Far East, during the past four years. The simple directness of the spoken word has been allowed to stand. Portions of chapters three, four, six, and eight have appeared at various times in “The Sunday School Times.”

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Gibson Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of Matthew

CONTENTS. CHAP.PAGE The Coming of the Christ1 Matt. I. His Reception13 Matt. II. His Herald24 Matt. III. 1-12. His Baptism31 Matt. III. 13-17. His Temptation39 Matt. IV. 1-11. Beginning of His Galilean Ministry48 Matt. IV. 12-25. The Gospel of the Kingdom57 (“Sermon on the Mount.”) Matt. V., VI., VII. The Nature and Constitution of the Kingdom58 In Itself (“The Beatitudes”)58 In Relation … Read more