Gordon Quiet Talks on Prayer

Gordon Quiet Talks on Prayer is another of Gordon’s Quiet Talks series on the very important and probing subject of prayer. He analyzes prayer in Scripture.

Content of Gordon Quiet Talks on Prayer

I.The Meaning and Mission of Prayer

1.Prayer the Greatest Outlet of Power
2.Prayer the Deciding Factor in a Spirit Conflict
3.The Earth, the Battle-Field in Prayer
4.Does Prayer Influence God?

II.Hindrances to Prayer 1.Why the Results Fail
2.Why the Results are Delayed
3.The Great Outside Hindrance

III.How to Pray 1.The “How” of Relationship
2.The “How” of Method
3.The Listening Side of Prayer
4.Something about God’s Will in Connection with Prayer
5.May We Pray with Assurance for the Conversion of Our Loved Ones

IV.Jesus’ Habits of Prayer 1.A Pen Sketch
2.Dissolving Views
3.Deepening Shadows
4.Under the Olive Trees
5.A Composite Picture

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