Edersheim Temple Its Ministry and Services

Edersheim Temple Its Ministry and Services is a study by a Jewish author on details of the Old Testament Temple and its events and people.

Alfred Edersheim has done much work to provide a context in which readers can understand the Old and New Testaments. This work is no exception. Temple–Its Ministry and Services provides a historical examination of the first century Temple at Jerusalem. Edersheim provides beautiful and lush descriptions of the Temple. These descriptions help convey a sense of holiness and reverence that the Temple must have commanded. In the Preface, Edersheim notes that not everyone will find all the details of Temple interesting. Fortunately, the bulk of the text is arranged in short sections, each containing a paragraph or two. For topics readers are uninterested in, they can easily skip to the next short section. This feature also makes the work a useful reference tool. Throughout Temple, Edersheim takes his points and relates them to New Testament events and themes. Although the writing is somewhat dated, Temple–Its Ministry and Services provides a fascinating and enriching look at the Temple.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer


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