Newberry, Thomas-Types of the Temple

Contents Introduction God’s earthly dwelling-places The temples of scripture Preparations for the temple The foundation platform The measurements and structure The stones of the temple The woodwork and carvings The overlaying and garnishing The doors and vail The cherubim The ark of the covenant Plate of the holy place and holiest of all The altar … Read more

Newberry, Thomas-Types of the Levitical Offerings

Introduction. GOD, who knows our frame and remembers that we are dust, has, in His fatherly condescension, from the earliest times, instructed the children of faith by means of pictures, or object lessons. It is so difficult for man, who is a complex being, composed of body, soul, and spirit, to form purely abstract or … Read more

Newberry, Newberry- Types of the Tabernacle

Contents: Introduction: The Materials The Metals The Colours The Coverings Oil for the Light Spices for Anointing Oil The Sweet Incense God’s Holy Dwelling Place The Ark of the Covenant The Propitiatory and the Cherubim The Table of Shewbread The Lampstand The Curtains of the Tabernacle The Boards The Bars The Vail The Brazen Altar … Read more