Newton, John-Choice Excerpts #2

True religion is a serious and personal concern. It arises from a right knowledge of God and ourselves; a sense of the great things He has done for fallen man; a persuasion, or at least a well-grounded hope, of our own interest in His favor; and a principle of unbounded love to Him who first … Read more

Newton, John-Choice Excerpts

The more vile we are in our own eyes — the more precious Christ will be to us! ~ ~ ~ ~ How unspeakably wonderful is it, to know that all our concerns are held in hands that bled for us! -Excerpts

Newberry, Thomas-Types of the Temple

Contents Introduction God’s earthly dwelling-places The temples of scripture Preparations for the temple The foundation platform The measurements and structure The stones of the temple The woodwork and carvings The overlaying and garnishing The doors and vail The cherubim The ark of the covenant Plate of the holy place and holiest of all The altar … Read more