Gibson Expositor’s Bible: The Gospel of Matthew



  1. The Coming of the Christ1

    Matt. I.

  2. His Reception13

    Matt. II.

  3. His Herald24

    Matt. III. 1-12.

  4. His Baptism31

    Matt. III. 13-17.

  5. His Temptation39

    Matt. IV. 1-11.

  6. Beginning of His Galilean Ministry48

    Matt. IV. 12-25.

  7. The Gospel of the Kingdom57

    (“Sermon on the Mount.”)

    Matt. V., VI., VII.

    1. The Nature and Constitution of the Kingdom58
      1. In Itself (“The Beatitudes”)58
      2. In Relation to the World62
    2. The Law of the Kingdom69
      1. General Principles69
      2. Illustrations from the Moral Law73
      3. Illustrations from Religious Duty79
      4. Duty in Relation to the World and the Things of it85
        • (1) As regards the Good Things of the World86
        • (2) As regards the Evil in the World91
    3. Invitation to enter the Kingdom95
  8. The Signs of the Kingdom105

    Matt. VIII.-IX. 35.

    • The Leper107
    • The Centurion’s Servant109
    • The Fever Patient111
    • The Impulsive Scribe113
    • The Hesitating Disciple114
    • The Storm Stilled115
    • Demons Cast Out117
    • Sins Forgiven118
    • Death Vanquished122
    • Lost Faculties Restored128
  9. The King’s Ambassadors132

    Matt. IX. 36-X. 42.

    1. The Mission132
    2. The Commission137
  10. The Shadow of the Cross142

    Matt. XI., XII.

    1. Discouragements142
      1. John in doubt143
      2. The Unreasonableness of the People148
      3. The Unbelief of the Cities149
    2. The Contradiction of Sinners156
  11. The Parables of the Kingdom173

    Matt. XIII.

    1. The Principle of Parabolic Instruction175
    2. The Group of Seven181
  12. The Crisis in Galilee186

    Matt. XIV.-XVI. 12.

    1. The Banquet of Herod and the Feast of Christ187
    2. Calm on the Mountain and Trouble on the Sea194
    3. Israel after the Flesh, and Israel after the Spirit202
    4. The Culmination of the Crisis213
  13. The New Departure219

    (Founding of the Church.)

    Matt. XVI. 13-XVII. 21.

    1. The Christ221
    2. The Cross227
    3. The Glory233
    4. The Descent242
  14. Last Words at Capernaum250

    Matt. XVII. 22-XVIII. 35.

    • The Temple Tribute250
    • The Little Ones252
    • Trespasses258
  15. Last Days in Peræa267

    Matt. XIX. 1-XX. 16.

    • Marriage and Divorce268
    • The Children270
    • The Rich Young Man273
    • Danger of Riches276
    • Rewards279
  16. To Jerusalem286

    Matt. XX. 17-XXI. 17.

    1. The Going Up286
    2. The Royal Entry295
  17. Conflict in the Temple305

    Matt. XXI. 18-XXIII.

    1. The Challenge307
      • The Two Sons310
      • The Husbandmen311
      • The Marriage Feast315
    2. The Ordeal of Questions322
    3. The House left Desolate329
  18. The Prophecy on the Mount339

    Matt. XXIV., XXV.

    1. The Coming of the Son of Man340
    2. Parables and Pictures of Judgment349
      • 1. The Servant set over the Household349
      • 2 and 3. The Virgins; The Talents352
      • 4. The Final Separation366
  19. The Great Atonement Day376

    Matt. XXVI.-XXVII. 56.

    1. The Evening386
    2. The Night396
    3. The Morning412
    4. From the Third to the Ninth Hour420
  20. The Third Day429

    Matt. XXVII. 57-XXVIII. 15.

    • The Evening of the First Day430
    • The Second Day432
    • The Morning of the Third Day433
  21. The Gospel for all the Nations through “All the Days”439

    Matt. XXVIII. 16-20.

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