Packer Puritan Papers Volume 2 1960-1962

Packer Puritan Papers Volume 2 1960-1962 is a series of papers written in the 1960 to 1962 time span about various religious topics from a Reformed point of view.

Table of Contents of Packer Puritan Papers Volume 2 1960-1962


W. Robert Godfrey

Part 1: Increasing in the Knowledge of God (1960)

1. Philip Doddridge’s The Rise and Progress
of Religion in the Soul
Alan Gibson

2. Jonathan Edwards and the Theology of Revival
J. I. Packer

3. John Knox and the Scottish Reformation
G. N. M. Collins

4. The Puritan Doctrine of Apostasy
W. H. Davies

5. Knowledge—False and True
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Part 2: Press toward the Mark (1961)

6. The Puritan Idea of Communion with God
J. I. Packer

7. The Puritan Doctrine of Christian Joy
J. Gwyn-Thomas

8. Missions in the Reformed Tradition
B. R. Easter

9. Preaching—Puritan and Reformed
J. A. Caiger

10. The Puritan Concept of Divine Intercession
Eifion E. Evans

11. Summing Up
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Part 3: Faith and a Good Conscience (1962)

12. The Casuistry of William Perkins
I. Breward

13. The Puritan Conscience
J. I. Packer

14. Thomas Boston of Ettrick
D. J. Innes

15. John Owen’s Doctrine of Christ
F. R. Entwistle

16. Puritan Perplexities: Lessons from 1640–1662
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Packer Puritan Papers Volume 2 1960-1962

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