Bunyan, J.-Life and Death of Mr. Badman

Life and Death of Mr. Badman

By John Bunyan

The Life and Death of Mr Badman was published by John Bunyan in 1680, two years after the First Edition of the First Part of The Pilgrim’s Progress.  In the opening sentence of his preface he tells us it was intended by him as the counterpart or companion picture to the Allegory.

Continued description of Life and Death of Mr. Badman

But whatever his own intentions may have been, the Public of his own time seem to have declined to accept the book in this capacity.  Indeed, another writer, who signs himself T. S., undertook to complete Bunyan’s Allegory for him, in a book in size and type closely resembling it, and entitled The Second Part of the Pilgrim’s Progress . . . exactly Described under the Similitude of a Dream.  It was printed for Jho. Malthus at the Sun in the Poultry, and published in 1683.  So far as is known, only one copy of this book is now in existence, the copy which was formerly in the library of the poet Southey and now in that of the Baptist Union.  Upon this Bunyan seems to have changed his purpose, so far as The Life and Death of Mr Badman was concerned, and on the first of January, 1685, published the story of Christiana and her Children as his own Second Part of The Pilgrim’s Progress.-from Gutenberg.org

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