Maclaren Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms Vol. 2

PREFACE. A volume which appears in “The Expositor’s Bible” should obviously, first of all, be expository. I have tried to conform to that requirement, and have therefore found it necessary to leave questions of date and authorship all but untouched. They could not be adequately discussed in conjunction with Exposition. I venture to think that … Read more

Owen, John-Daily Dying

TABLE OF CONTENTS THE CHRISTIAN’S WORK OF DYING DAILY – Sermon I THE CHRISTIAN’S WORK OF DYING DAILY – Sermon II THE CHRISTIAN’S WORK OF DYING DAILY – Sermon III Users of Logos  and Wordsearch Programs: Ypu can convert the docx into a Logos file and the htmi into a Wordsearch file.

Watson – Watson’s Words of Wisdom

Watson’s Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from Thomas Watson.

The servant of the Lord, from whose writings these extracts have been culled, prefaced one of his works by saying, “There are two things which I have always looked upon as difficult: the one is to make the wicked sad; the other is to make the godly joyful.” Alas! This sad world still holds many a careless sinner, and not a few sorrowful saints, though two hundred and fifty years have passed since these words were uttered. May God so speed this little book, that, in His good hand, it may be the means of arousing some sleeping conscience, and dropping a word of cheer into some sorrowful heart. Hamilton Smith 1915.

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Autobiography of George Fox

Autobiography of George Fox

Autobiography of George Fox

The Autobiography of George Fox is a great Christian autobiography similar to Augustine’s Confessions. George Fox, the founder of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakerism, tells of the key events in his life, focusing on his own religious beliefs and the struggles he faced for them in this lightly edited Autobiography.

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Newton, John-Choice Excerpts #2

True religion is a serious and personal concern. It arises from a right knowledge of God and ourselves; a sense of the great things He has done for fallen man; a persuasion, or at least a well-grounded hope, of our own interest in His favor; and a principle of unbounded love to Him who first … Read more

Rossier, H.L.-Some Writings

Contents The Red Heifer. Job’s Three Questions and Their Answers The Prophet Habakkuk The Prophet Haggai The Book of the Prophet Zechariah John the Baptist. Simon Peter. What is a Meeting of the Assembly?