Spurgeon, C.-Quotes in 5 Volumes by C H Spurgeon

Sample Quote: Look to Calvary O Young man, build your studio on Calvary! there raise your observatory, and scan by faith the lofty things of nature. Take a recluse’s cell in the garden of Gethsemane, and wash your face with the waters of Siloam. Let the Bible be your standard classic-your last appeal in matters of … Read more

Everard, George-Choice Quotes

Use html file for wordsearch program! Use docx file to build personal books (PBB) in Logos! Sample Quote: The secret of strength to every Christian (George Everard, “In the Secret Place” 1880) Faithful, sincere, believing prayer is the secret of strength to every Christian. It is the channel by which he receives daily help, wisdom, … Read more

Ryle, J.C.-Quotes

Sample Quotes The resurrection of Christ is one of the foundation stones of Christianity. It was the seal of the great work that He came on earth to do. It was the crowning proof that the ransom He paid for sinners was accepted, the atonement for sin accomplished, the head of him who had the … Read more

Guthrie, T. – Gems from Guthrie

Sample Quotes Heaven is . . . the day — of which grace is the dawn; the rich, ripe fruit — of which grace is the lovely flower; the inner shrine of that most glorious temple to which grace forms the approach and outer court.