Ryle Call to Prayer

Ryle Call to Prayer is 10 Chapter work on prayer. Need, habit, duty, great encouragement, diligence, backsliding, contentment, advice to unsaved, and counsel to saints. Although Ryle Call to Prayer is a very short work on Prayer, it is an excellent work. In the book version by Audubon Press, John MacArthur has a foreword to it.

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Bounds, E.M. – Power through Prayer

Power Through Prayer

by Edward McKendree Bounds
1835-1913 Baker Book House

“Recreation to a minister must be as whetting is with the mower — that is, to be used only so far as is necessary for his work. May a physician in plague-time take any more relaxation or recreation than is necessary for his life, when so many are expecting his help in a case of life and death? Will you stand by and see sinners gasping under the pangs of death, and say: ‘God doth not require me to make myself a drudge to save them’? Is this the voice of ministerial or Christian compassion or rather of sensual laziness and diabolical cruelty.”

— Richard Baxter

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Chadwell, D. – Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

Becoming God’s Spiritual Person

published online by David Chadwell, 2010.  This book challenges the reader to realize there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual.  It affirms the continuing involvement of the activity of the divine in our salvation.  It challenges all in Christ to seek spirituality.  It challenges the reader to think.  It does not challenge readers to conform to specific values or concepts. Continue reading