Venning The Sinfulness of Sin

Venning The Sinfulness of Sin

By Ralph Venning

The Sinfulness of Sin is a work about sin. What it is, the sinfulness of it, etc.

About the Book Venning The Sinfulness of Sin

Originally published in 1669 as “SIN, THE PLAGUE OF PLAGUES”, or “The just vindication of the Law of God, and no less just accusation and condemnation of the sin of man”, four years after the Great Plague of London. The author wrote: “As to the sinfulness of sin, I have indeed handled it most fully, as it is  against man’s good and happiness.”

About the Author:

Ralph Venning was born in Devonshire, England, in about 1621. He entered Emmanuel college, Cambridge, in 1643, and obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 1646 and 1650 respectively. After leaving Cambridge, he became lecturer at St. Olave’s Church in Southwark where he remained until orced to leave in 1662 by the Act of Uniformity. He was able to continue his public ministry as co-pastor with Robert Bragge of an Indpendent congregation ata Pewterer’s Hall, Lime Street. He died, still in his early fifties, in 1674 and was buried at Bunhill Fields in the presence of many nonconformists.

Contents of Venning The Sinfulness of Sin

Introduction – 3
What Sin Is – 7
The Sinfulness Of Sin – 8
The Witnesses Against Sin – 48
Application and Usefulness of the Doctrine – 97
Conclusion – 159

Venning The Sinfulness of Sin

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