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IT would be great presumption to attempt any recommendation of the following discourses, when they have had, hitherto, their approbation, in the judgment and experience of so many serious and well-disposed Christians, both at home and abroad: nor will any such thing be expected from one, to whom the worthy Author stood so nearly related as I do.

His praise is already in the churches; and though he be dead, he yet speaketh. His modesty did not permit him to leave any memoirs of his life, for public use.—He was twenty-eight years minister at Portmoak in Fife, and twenty-three at Stirling.—He died in the seventy-fourth year of his age.

It is hoped, that whoever shall, in a dependence upon the divine blessing, peruse the valuable treasure contained in this volume, shall find many things, (as the renowned Mr Hervey expresses it,) “to the edification of their hearts, in true faith. “solid comfort, and evangelical holiness.”—That this may be the case with multitudes, is the sincere desire of



Feb. 10, 1761.


Table of Contents


Preface to the First Sermon

I. GOD’S little remnant keeping their garments clean in an evil day – Rev. 3:4.

II. The backslider characterised: or, the evil and danger of defection described – Heb. 10:38.

III. The wind of the Holy Ghost blowing upon the dry bones in the valley of vision – Ezek. 37:9.

IV. The King is held in the galleries – Song of Sol. 7:5.

V. The groans of believers under their burdens – Psal. 38:9. Rom. 8:26.2 Cor. 5:4.

VI. The believer exalted in imputed righteousness – Isa. 45:24, 25.

VII. The humble soul the peculiar favourite of heaven – Job 22:29. 1 Pet. 5:5, 6. Psal. 138:6

VIII. The necessity and profitableness of good works asserted – 2 Cor. 7:1. Rev. 22:14.John 7:17.

IX. Christ in the believer’s arms – Psal. 73:25. Luke 2:28.

X. A discourse on the throne of grace – Psal. 89:14.

XI. The assurance of faith opened and applied – Heb. 10:19, 22.

XII. God in Christ, a God of love – 1 John 4:16.

XIII. Unbelief arraigned and condemned at the bar of God – John 16:8, 9. John 3:18.

XIV. The day-spring from on high – Luke 1:78

XV. The rainbow of the covenant surrounding the throne of grace – Rev. 4:3.

XVI. The tree of life shaking her fruits and leaves among the nations – Rev. 22:2.

XVII. The law of faith issuing forth from mount Zion – Isa. 2:3.

XVIII. The stone rejected by the builders exalted as the head-stone of the corner – Psal. 118:22.

XIX THE government upon Christ’s shoulder – Is. 9:6.

XX. A treasure of gospel-grace digged out of Mount Sinai; or, the sinner’s claim of right cleared from God’s covenant with Israel and Sinai – Exod. 20:2, 3.

XXI. The standard of heaven lifted up against the powers of hell, and their auxiliaries – Is. 59:19.

XXII. The Believer’s journey from the wilderness of this world, to the Heavenly Canaan – Song 8:5.

XXIII. The true substance and strength of a church and nation – Isa. 6:13.

XXIV. The first promise accomplished; or, the head of the Serpent bruised by the seed of the woman – 1 John, 3:8.

XXV. Courageous faith – Psa. 23:4.

XXVI. The solemnity of Christ’s ascension to the throne of glory – Psa. 47:5.

XXVII. The wrath of man bounded by the power of God – Psa. 76:10.

XXVIII. The name of God glorified in Christ – Exod. 23:21.

XXIX. The tabernacle of David ruined by man, and reared up by the mighty God – Amos 9:11.

XXX. The annals of redeeming love, with the Redeemer’s vengeance upon the grand enemy of the redeemed. – Isa. 63:4.

XXXI. The sovereignty of Zion’s king – Psa. 2:6.

XXXII. Christ, the resurrection, and the life – John 11:25.

XXXIII. A LAMP ordained for God’s Anointed – Psa. 132:17.

XXXIV. The Angel’s seal set upon God’s faithful servants, when hurtful winds are blowing in the church militant – Rev. 7:1, 2, 3.

XXXV. Christ considered as the nail, fastened in a sure place, bearing all the glory of his father’s house – Psa. 20:5; Is. 22:24.

XXXVI. A robbery committed, and restitution made, both to God and man – Psa. 69:4.

XXXVII. Worthless man much regarded by the mighty God – Psa. 144:3.

XXXVIII. The human nature preferred unto the angelical – Heb. 2:15.

XXXIX. The broken law magnified and made honourable – Is. 43:21.

XL. The wise Virgins going forth to meet the Bridegroom – Matt. 25:6.

XLI. The New Testament Ark opened against the deluge of divine wrath – Heb. 11:7.

XLII. The plant of renown – Ezek. 34:29.

XLIII. God’s doves flying to his windows – Is. 60:8.

XLIV. Christ set up from everlasting – Prov. 8:23.

XLV Abraham rejoicing to see Christ’s day afar off – John 8:56.

XLVI. Christ, as the breaker, opening all passes to glory that were impassible – Micah 2:13.

XLVII. Ethiopia stretching out her hands to God – Ps. 68:31.

XLVIII. The kingdom of God within the soul of man – Luke 17:21.

XLIX. Gospel treasure in earthen vessels – 2 Cor. 4:7.

L. The character of a faithful minister of Christ – Col. 1:7.

LI. Christ in the clouds, coming to judgment – Matt. 16:37.

LII. The word of salvation – Acts 12:16.


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