Chitwood, Arlen-Esther

FOREWORD There are two books in Scripture named for women — Ruth and Esther — and no one knows who wrote either book. But both books form major keys to a correct understanding of the whole of Scripture. Each book, from a typical perspective, covers a complete panorama of the triune Godhead’s dealings with both … Read more

Adeney, W. – Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known Characters

Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known Characters

George Milligan, D.D.
J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
Principal Walter F. Adeney, D.D.
J. Morgan Gibbon.
H. Elvet Lewis.
Principal D. Rowlands, B.a.
W. J. Townsend, D.D. 1904

Adeney et al’s Men of the Bible is a Bible character work for lesser known men in Bible history. Many of these people are not regularly covered in normal Bible character works.

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