Bunyan, J. Holy War

The Holy War made by Shaddi upon Diabolus for the regaining of the Metropolis of the world or the losing and taking again of hte town of mansoul.
By John Bunyan

This is another one of John Bunyan’s interesting fictional works about the spiritual side of things, presented in an analogy. This has to do with man’s spiritual war over his soul, Satan being the antagonist.


Holy WarThe Holy War is an allegorical novel which depicts fictional people and events to illustrate the Christian’s spiritual journey. The Holy War is the story of “Mansoul” a perfect town built for the glory of its benevolent creator and leader, King Shaddai. After being deceived by the wicked ruler Diabolus, the town rejects the rule of King Shaddai and falls deep into the mires of sin and despair. As battles rage against good and evil, the redemption of Mansoul is only possible through the victory of Shaddai’s son, Prince Emmanuel. Bunyan’s allegory is full of clever characters and captivating drama. This important Christian classic is both educational and entertaining, so it is a great book for leisure reading or Bible study.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer

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