Miller, J.R-Personal Friendships of Jesus

Personal Friendships of Jesus

By J.R. Miller

Personal Friendships of Jesus is an account of Jesus and the friends He made.

PREFACE of Personal Friendships of Jesus

George MacDonald said in an address, “The longer I live, the more I am assured that the business of life is to understand the Lord Christ.” If this be true, whatever sheds even a little light on the character or life of Christ is worth while.

Nothing reveals a man’s heart better than his friendships. The kind of friend he is, tells the kind of man he is. The personal friendships of Jesus reveal many tender and beautiful things in his character. They show us also what is possible for us in divine friendship; for the heart of Jesus is the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.

These chapters are only suggestive, not exhaustive. If they make the way into close personal friendship with Jesus any plainer for those who hunger for such blessed intimacy, that will be reward enough.

J. R. M.

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