Brine, John-The Certain Efficacy of The Death of Christ

This Work will consist of four Parts: In the First I shall endeavour to prove the limited Extent of the Death of CHRIST, and the certain Salvation of all those for whom he died. In the Second, the Objections which are usually urged by the Arminians, and others, will be answered. In the Third shall attempt to prove the Impossibility of the Salvation of the Non-Elect, upon the Supposition of no other than a conditional Provision of Salvation being made for them. In the Fourth Part shall attend to what he delivers on the Subjects of the Imputation of original Sin to Men, the Charge of Sin on CHRIST, and the Imputation of his Righteousness to his People.

John Brine, The Certain Efficacy of the Death of Christ Asserted, n.d.

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The Certain Efficacy Of The Death Of Chris - John Brine
The Certain Efficacy Of The Death Of Chris - John Brine
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