Orr Charles Gospel Day

Orr Charles Gospel Day is a 21 chapter work on our salvation and different lights about salvation and our life as Christians thereafter.

By Charles Orr

Part I. The Morning.
Chapter I. Christianity A Light.
Chapter II. The Holy Scriptures.
Chapter III. Sin.
Chapter IV. Salvation.
Chapter V. The Way From Sin To Perfect Salvation.
Chapter VI. Fruits And The Two Works.
Chapter VII. The Church Of God.
Chapter VIII. The Ordinances Of The New Testament.
Chapter IX. Divine Healing.
Chapter X. The Soul.
Chapter XI. Spiritual Culture.
Chapter XII. The Course Of The World.
Chapter XIII. The Domestic Relation.
Chapter XIV. Evil Habits And Injurious Indulgences.
Chapter XV. The Trinity.
Chapter XVI. Miscellaneous Subjects.
Part II. The Noonday.
Chapter I. The Date Of The Beginning Of Noonday.
Chapter II. Scriptural Predictions Of An Apostasy.
Chapter III. False Teachings Of The Apostasy.
Part III. The Evening.
Chapter I. The Apostasy In Two Days.
Chapter II. The Time Of The Evening.

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