Baxter Part4: Christian Politics

Table of Contents of Baxter Part4: Christian Politics

To the reader 737
I. General rules for an upright conversation. 737
II. Memorandums to civil rulers for the interest of Christ, the church, and men’s salvation. 741
III. Directions for subjects concerning their duty to their rulers. 744
IV. Directions to lawyers about their duty to God. 769
V. The duty of physicians. 771
VI. Directions to schoolmasters about their duty for their children’s souls. 773
VII. Directions for soldiers, about their duty in point of conscience. 774
VIII. Advice against murder. 778
IX. Directions for the forgiving of enemies, and those that injure us; against wrath, and malice, and revenge, and persecution. 782
X. Cases resolved about forgiving injuries and debts, and about self-defence, and seeking right by law or otherwise. 785
XI. Special directions to escape the guilt of persecuting. Determining also the case about liberty in matters of religion. 790
XII. Directions against scandal as given. 800
XIII. Directions against scandal taken, or an aptness to receive hurt, by the words or deeds of others. 807
XIV Directions against soul murder, and partaking of other men’s sins. 810
XV. General directions for the furthering of the salvation of others. 813
XVI. Special directions for christian conference, exhortation, and reproof. 814
XVII. Directions for keeping peace with all men. 819
XVIII. Directions against all theft and fraud, or injurious getting and keeping that which is another’s, or desiring it. 823
XIX. General directions and particular cases of conscience, about contracts in general, and about buying and selling, borrowing and lending, usury, &c. in particular. 827
XX. Directions against oppression. 846
XXI. Cases about, and directions against, prodigality and sinful wastefulness. 851
XXII. Cases and directions against injurious law-suits, witnessing, and judgment. 855
XXIII. Cases of conscience, and directions against backbiting, slandering, and evil speaking. 858
XXIV. Cases and directions against censoriousness and unwarrantable judging. 861
XXV. Cases and directions about trusts and secrets. 861
XXVI. Directions against selfishness as it is contrary to the love of our neighbour. 868
XXVII. Cases and directions for loving our neighbour as ourselves. 870
XXVIII. Special cases and directions for love to godly persons as such. 873
XXIX. Cases and directions for loving and doing good to enemies. 883
XXX. Cases and directions about works of charity. 885
XXXI. Cases and directions about confessing sins and injuries to others. 895
XXXII. Cases and directions about satisfaction and restitution. 896
XXXIII. Cases and directions about our obtaining pardon from God. 899
XXXIV. Cases and directions about self-judging. 901
A moral prognostication. 905
To the reader. 905
Of what must be expected in the churches of christendom, till the golden age returns, or till the time of true reformation and unity. 906
Of the changes that will be in christendom in the golden age, and time of true reformation and unity. 914
Consectary. 920
The reformed liturgy. 922
The ordinary public worship on the Lord’s day. 922
The order of celebrating the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ. 930
The celebration of the sacrament of baptism. 934
Of catechising, and the approbation of those that are to be admitted to the Lord’s supper. 936
Of the celebration of matrimony. 937
The visitation of the sick, and their communion. 938
The order of solemnizing the burial of the dead. 938
Of extraordinary days of humiliation and thanksgiving, and anniversary festivals. 939
Of prayer and thanksgiving for particular members of the church. 939
Of pastoral discipline, public confession, absolution, and exclusion from the holy communion of the church. 941
Appendix: prayers to be used at discretion.

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BaxterR-4Christian Politics
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BaxterR-4Christian Politics
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